The Man With The Broken Ear, by Edmond About

Table of Contents

  1. Wherein They Kill the Fatted Calf to Celebrate the Return of a Frugal Son.
  2. Unpacking by Candle-light.
  3. The Crime of the Learned Professor Meiser.
  4. The Victim.
  5. Dreams of Love, and Other Dreams.
  6. A Young Girl’s Caprice.
  7. Professor Meiser’s Will in Favor of the Desiccated Colonel.
  8. How Nicholas Meiser, Nephew of John Meiser, Executed His Uncle’s Will.
  9. Considerable of a Disturbance in Fontainebleau.
  10. Hallelujah!
  11. Wherein Colonel Fougas Learns Some News which Will Appear Old to My Readers.
  12. The Convalescent’s First Meal.
  13. History of Colonel Fougas, Related by Himself.
  14. The Game of Love and War.
  15. In which the Reader Will See that it is Not Far from the Capital to the Tarpeian Rock.
  16. The Memorable Interview Between Colonel Fougas and His Majesty the Emperor of the French.
  17. Wherein Herr Nicholas Meiser, One of the Solid Men of Dantzic, Receives an Unwelcome Visit.
  18. The Colonel Tries to Relieve Himself of a Million which Incumbers Him.
  19. He Seeks and Bestows the Hand of Clementine.
  20. A Thunderbolt from a Clear Sky.

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