The Adventures of Philip on his way through the World, by William Makepeace Thackeray

Table of Contents

Volume I.

  1. Doctor Fell.
  2. At School and at Home.
  3. A Consultation.
  4. A Genteel Family.
  5. The Noble Kinsman.
  6. Brandon’s.
  7. Impletur Veteris Bacchi.
  8. Will Be Pronounced to Be Cynical by the Benevolent.
  9. Contains One Riddle which is Solved, and Perhaps Some More.
  10. In which We Visit the “Admiral Byng.”
  11. In which Philip is Very ILL-Tempered.
  12. Damocles.
  13. Love Me Love My Dog.
  14. Contains Two of Philip’s Mishaps.
  15. Contains Two of Philip’s Mishaps.
  16. Samaritans.
  17. In which Philip Shows His Mettle.

Volume II.

  1. Brevis Esse Laboro.
  2. Drum Ist’s So Wohl Mir in Der Welt.
  3. Qu’on Est Bien a Vingt Ans.
  4. Course of True Love.
  5. Treats of Dancing, Dining, Dying.
  6. Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus.
  7. In which We Still Hover About the Elysian Fields.
  8. Nec Dulces Amores Sperne, Puer, Neque Tu Choreas.
  9. Infandi Dolores.
  10. Contains a Tug of War.
  11. I Charge You, Drop Your Daggers!
  12. In which Mrs. Macwhirter has a New Bonnet.
  13. In the Departments of Seine, Loire, and Styx (InfÉRieur).

Volume III.

  1. Returns to Old Friends.
  2. Narrates that Famous Joke About Miss Grigsby.
  3. Ways and Means.
  4. Describes a Situation Interesting but Not Unexpected.
  5. In which I Own that Philip Tells an Untruth.
  6. Res Angusta Domi.
  7. In which the Drawing Rooms are Not Furnished After All.
  8. Nec Plena Cruoris Hirudo.
  9. The Bearer of the Bowstring.
  10. In which Several People have Their Trials.
  11. In which the Luck Goes Very Much Against Us.
  12. In which We Reach the Last Stage but One of this Journey.
  13. The Realms of Bliss.

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