The Winter’s Tale, by William Shakespeare

Characters of the Play

Leontes, king of Sicilia.
Mamillius, young prince of Sicilia.
Camillo, Antigonus, Cleomenes, Dion, four Lords of Sicilia.

Polixenes, King of Bohemia.
Florizel, Prince of Bohemia.
Archidamus, a Lord of Bohemia.

Old Shepherd, reputed father of Perdita.
Clown, his son.
Autolycus, a rogue.

Hermione, queen to Leontes.
Perdita, daughter to Leontes and Hermione.
Paulina, wife to Antigonus.
Emilia, a lady attending on Hermione,
Mopsa and Dorcas, Shepherdesses.

A Gaoler, A Mariner, other Lords and Gentlemen, Ladies, Officers, and Servants, Shepherds, and Shepherdesses.

Time, as Chorus.

Scene: Sicilia, and Bohemia.

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