Goblin Market, and other poems, by Christina Rossetti

A Triad


Three sang of love together: one with lips

    Crimson, with cheeks and bosom in a glow,

Flushed to the yellow hair and finger-tips;

    And one there sang who soft and smooth as snow

    Bloomed like a tinted hyacinth at a show;

And one was blue with famine after love,

    Who like a harpstring snapped rang harsh and low

The burden of what those were singing of.

One shamed herself in love; one temperately

    Grew gross in soulless love, a sluggish wife;

One famished died for love. Thus two of three

    Took death for love and won him after strife;

One droned in sweetness like a fattened bee:

    All on the threshold, yet all short of life.


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