The life and complete works, by Robert Greene

Table of Contents

Reprints of original editions with reproductions of original title-pages. Title-pages of v. 2-12 read "In twelve volumes"; v. 13-14, "In fourteen volumes"; corrected title-pages at end of v. 15.

  1. image Storojenko's life of Robert Greene, tr. by E.A.B. Hodgetts, with introduction and notes by the editor.

  2. image Mamillia and Anatomie of flatterie. 1583-93.

  3. image The myrrovr of modestie, 1584. Morando: the Tritameron of loue. 1587. Arbasto: the Anatomie of fortune. 1584.

  4. image The carde of Fancie. 1587. Debate betweene Follie and Loue, tr. out of French. 1584. Pandosto: the Triumph of Time. 1588.

  5. image Planetomachia. 1585. Penelopes web. 1587. Spanish masqverado. 1589.

  6. image Menaphon: Camillas alarum to slumbering Euphues. 1589. Euphues his censure to Philautus. 1587.

  7. Perimedes the blacke-smith, 1588. Ciceronis amor, or Tullics loue, 1589. The royal exchange, 1590.

  8. image Greenes neuer too late, 1590. Francescos fortunes: or, The second part of Greenes neuer too late, 1590.

  9. image Alcida: Greenes metamorphosis, 1617. Greenes mourning garment, 1616. Greenes farewell to Folly, 1591.

  10. image A notable discouery of coosnage: the art of conny-catching, 1591-92. A dispvtation betweene a hee and shee conny-catcher, 1592.

  11. image The blacke book's messenger, 1592. The defence of conny-catching, 1592. Philomela: the Lady Fitzwaters nightingale, 1592. A quippe for an vpstart courtier, 1592.

  12. image Orpharion, 1599. Greens Groats-worth of wit, 1596. The repentance of Robert Greene, 1592. Greenes vision.

  13. image Frier Bacon and Frier Bongay, 1594. Orlando Furioso, 1599. James the Fourth, 1598. Alphonsus, 1599.

  14. image A looking-glasse for London and England, 1594. George a Greene, the pinner of Wakefield, 1599. Selimus, 1594. A Maidens dreame, 1591.

  15. image Glossarial lists

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