The Art of Confectionary, by Edward Lambert

Table of Contents

The Art of Confectionary

  1. Of the Manner of clarifying Sugar, and the different Ways of boiling it.
  2. To Clarify Sugar.
  3. The boiling Sugar to the Degree called Smooth.
  4. The Blown Sugar.
  5. The Feathered Sugar,
  6. The Crackled Boiling,
  7. The Carmel Sugar,
  8. To preserve Seville-Oranges Liquid.
  9. To draw a Jelly from Pippins.
  10. To make Orange Marmalade.
  11. To preserve Oranges with a Marmalade in them.
  12. To make a Compote of Oranges.
  13. To make Orange-Rings and Faggots.
  14. To candy Orange, Lemon, and Citron.
  15. To make Orange-Cakes.
  16. Lemon-Cakes.
  17. To preserve White-Citrons.
  18. To preserve Golden-Pippins in Jelly.
  19. To dry Golden-Pippins.
  20. To make Orange Clear-Cakes.
  21. To make Pomegranate Clear-Cakes.
  22. To Prepare Cocheneal.
  23. To make Pippin-Knots.
  24. To prepare a Green Colour.
  25. To make a Compote of Boonchretien Pears.
  26. Compote of Baked Wardens.
  27. Zest of China-Oranges.
  28. To Rock Candy-Violets.
  29. To candy Violets whole.
  30. To preserve Angelico in Knots.
  31. To dry it out.
  32. To preserve Angelico in Sticks.
  33. Angelico-Paste.
  34. To preserve Apricots Green.
  35. To put them up in Jelly.
  36. To preserve Green Almonds.
  37. To preserve Goosberries green.
  38. To preserve Goosberries white.
  39. To dry Goosberries.
  40. To make Goosberry-Paste.
  41. Goosberry Clear-Cakes.
  42. To dry Cherries.
  43. To preserve Cherries Liquid.
  44. To draw Jelly of Currants.
  45. To make Cherry-Paste.
  46. To dry Currants in Bunches.
  47. To preserve Currants in Jelly.
  48. To preserve Violet-Plumbs.
  49. To preserve Orange-Flowers.
  50. To put them in Jelly.
  51. To make Orange-Flower-Cakes.
  52. To make Orange-Flower-Paste.
  53. To preserve Apricots whole.
  54. To preserve Apricot-Chips.
  55. To preserve Apricots in Jelly.
  56. To make Apricot-Paste.
  57. To make Apricot Clear-Cakes.
  58. To make Jam of Apricots.
  59. To preserve Rasberries Liquid.
  60. To make Rasberry-Cakes.
  61. To make Rasberry Clear-Cakes.
  62. To make Rasberry Clear-Paste.
  63. To make Rasberry-Biscakes.
  64. To make Currant-Paste.
  65. To make Rasberry-Jam.
  66. To preserve Peaches whole.
  67. To preserve Peach-Chips.
  68. To put them in Jelly.
  69. To preserve Walnuts White.
  70. To preserve Walnuts Black.
  71. To preserve Nectarines.
  72. To preserve green Amber-Plumbs.
  73. To preserve Green Orange-Plumbs.
  74. To preserve the green Mogul-Plumb.
  75. To preserve the Green Admirable-Plumb.
  76. To preserve yellow Amber-Plumbs.
  77. To put Plumbs in Jelly.
  78. To preserve green Figs.
  79. To preserve ripe Figs.
  80. To preserve green Oranges.
  81. To preserve green Grapes.
  82. To preserve Bell-Grapes in Jelly.

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